The general objective of the Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies (MIQOLS) is to conduct quality-of-life management-related research for business, non-profit, and government organizations to help those organizations:

  • Develop educational programs for managers and policy makers on topics related to quality-of-life issues;
  • Develop evaluation (research) programs based on quality-of-life performance measures and methods that can assist in strategic decision-making in turbulent environments--technology, social/cultural, economic, and/or political environments; and
  • Develop management programs to help organizations better serve its many stakeholders and enhance their well being.

MIQOLS is a non-profit organization made up of mostly management-related professors at various academic institutions and other management consultants who are dedicated to creating a bridge between the science of quality-of-life studies in management and the diffusion and utilization of that knowledge in industry and government. MIQOLS has its roots in the Office of Quality-of-Life Measurement (OQOLM) at Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A). Many research quality-of-life studies (and educational programs) have been conducted through OQOLM since the early 1980's. Hence, MIQOLS represents the next level of OQOLM's maturity and independence.