Request a Survey

Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies

The cost of this project is USD 9,500 (however, the cost may increase if the college/university requests more detailed results, such as results broken down by specific demographic groups). To request MIQOLS to conduct a Quality-of-College-Life survey for your college/university, please send an e-mail message to the executive director of MIQOLS, Dr. M. Joseph Sirgy, at indicating interest. You can also contact MIQOLS by letter (address: 6020 Lyons Road, Dublin, Virginia 24084, USA) or by phone (540-674-5022; leave voicemail message). A staff member will contact you by e-mail to set up a telephone (or Skype or ZOOM) meeting. The staff member will answer whatever questions you may have and discuss the logistics of the entire project, the cost, survey specifications, time line, delivery of the survey report and other details.