Example Survey

Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies

The Quality-of-College-Life Survey is a web-based survey administered from our website (the website of the Management Institute for Quality-of-Life Studies or MIQOLS). A staff member at MIQOLS will communicate with college/university representative to adapt the survey questionnaire to reflect the specific reality of the college/university. Once the survey questionnaire is adapted to the exact specifications of the college/university in question, the survey will then be posted on MIQOLS website. A link to the survey website will then be provided to the college/university representative. The college/university survey representative will then send an e-mail letter to all the college students informing the students about the availability of the Quality-of-College-Life survey and encouraging them to participate by clicking on the link that would take them directly to the survey website. The staff member at MIQOLS will help the college/university representative draft the e-mail message requesting student participation in the survey. Students should be assured that the survey will be conducted anonymously and confidentially. That is, students will not be identified by name or any other form of identification, and the survey results will be reported at the aggregate level only. A time limit of 2-3 weeks will be set to conduct the survey. In the meantime, the college/university representative will send several reminder e-messages to the student population reminding them about the survey and request completion if they have not done so already. After the completion deadline, the survey site will be closed and the data will be analyzed and a report will be issued within 2-3 weeks thereafter.

Survey Sections

Satisfaction with Academic Aspects of College Life

Satisfaction with Social Aspects of College Life

Satisfaction with Facilities and Services

Overall Satisfaction