MIQOLS is a non-profit organization. It is located Dublin, Virginia (in the United States) and is considered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501©3 public charity organization. Any donation can be treated as a tax deduction. Donated funds are used to support the maintenance of the MIQOLS’ Quality-of-Life Indicators Toolbox. The Toolbox allows our website users to generate quality-of-life reports of all kinds—cities, counties, states, countries, world regions using a variety of quality-of-life indicators (well-being indicators related to health, income, leisure, employment, population, etc.).

MIQOLS has a small paid staff that collects data from various sources and the data are updated continuously. The staff also maintains the website and works hard to provide the users with capabilities to download figures and tables into professional-looking reports. The staff is also making every attempt possible in seeking additional well-being indicators and data to provide users with well-being statistics. The Toolbox is designed to help many types of professionals and decision makers (public policy officials, urban and rural planners, real estate professionals, public health officials, academic researchers, etc.).

We hope you’ll find out Toolbox helpful. If you have any comments that can assist us in improving the usefulness and the outreach of the Toolbox, please don’t hesitate to contact us at office@miqols.org.

Please support MIQOLS Toolbox by making a small donation. We appreciate your support very much. Thank you!