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Review in SINET

The most recent issue of SINET leads off with a review essay by M. Joseph Sirgy and Richard J. Estes. The essay highlights some key foci of a recent book, Advances in Well-Being: Towards a Better World, recently published by Rowman & Littlefield International (Estes & Sirgy, 2018). These include a historical review of the concept of well-being and then separate sections changes over the past few decades in the global states of health, economic, and educational well-being. This is followed by a message from ISQOLS President Mariano Rojas, an announcement of the ISQOLS 2019 Conference in Granada, Spain, a note on the passing of innovator in social indicators/quality-of-life research and long-standing ISQOLS member Wolfgang Glatzer, and regular announcements.

You can download and read the entire review here.

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