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Audrey and I are excited to present some of the major findings captured in our recent landmark book “The Pursuit of Human Wellbeing; The Untold History”. The book is a major global publication and is a tribute to the vision of Harry Halloran and his commitment to build the world we all want.

Our journey started many years ago. Our focus was to trace the history of human development and to learn from the data collected if the world was getting better or getting worse. We moved beyond the public square in our research to document what was really happening within all countries in health, education, poverty and happiness.

We found to our surprise that there were exciting reasons to be cheerful and optimistic. People have risen out of poverty at amazing rates; child mortality has plummeted; standards of literacy, sanitation and life expectancy have never been higher and we are living in history’s most peaceful era.

We found dramatic advances in wellbeing in all regions of the world. We found strong international support among countries for wellbeing. Significant wellbeing improvements were achieved in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Progress was due in part to globalization and foreign aid
which fostered partnerships with business, government and philanthropy. Anyone paying attention to the media today is likely to feel that the world is falling apart and the only attitude that makes sense is pessimism. I have a different view. I think the world is far from falling apart. In fact, it has never been better—more prosperous, safe, or just. The Pursuit of Human Wellbeing is the story that must be told about the history of human progress … progress we can all be proud of. The good news is … Life really is getting better.

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