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Victor H. Mair

Estes-Sirgy About the Authors MairVictor H. Mair received his PhD from Harvard University in 1976. He also holds an MPhil degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London). He has been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania since 1979. Professor Mair specializes in Buddhist popular literature as well as the vernacular tradition of Chinese fiction and the performing arts. Among his chief works in these fields are Tun-huang Popular Narratives (Cambridge University Press, 1983); Painting and Performance: Chinese Picture Recitation and Its Indian Genesis (University of Hawaii Press, 1988); and T’ang Transformation Texts: A Study of the Buddhist Contribution to the Rise of Vernacular Fiction and Drama in China (Harvard University Council on East Asian Studies, 1989). He is a frequent contributor to Language Log and is the founder and editor of Sino-Platonic Papers. E-mail:
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