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Isabelle Clark-Decès

Estes-Sirgy About the Authors Clark-DecesIsabelle Clark-Decès is Professor, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. She received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1995. Dr. Clark-Decès’ research interests are in South Asia, with a research focus on the Tamils of South India. Her first three books focus on Tamil ritual and the series of conceptual, existential, theoretical issues it opens up: Religion Against the Self: An Ethnography of Tamil Rituals; No One Cries for the Dead: Tamil Dirges, Rowdy Songs, and Graveyard Petitions; and The Encounter Never Ends: a Return to the Field of Tamil Rituals. She has edited a volume of essays that explore recent trends in the anthropological study of India (A Companion to the Anthropology of India). Her recent study of preferential marriages to close kin in Tamil Nadu presents a focused ethnography of a waning marriage system: its past, present, and dwindling future (The Right Spouse: Preferential Marriages in Tamil Nadu). She teaches courses on India, ritual, kinship, anthropological theory, and ethnography and directs the Program in South Asian Studies. E-mail:
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