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Frederick M. Smith

Estes-Sirgy About the Authors SmithFrederick M. Smith is Professor of Sanskrit and Classical Indian Religions, Departments of Religious Studies and Asian and Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984. His work includes studies of texts and performances of Vedic sacrificial ritual from antiquity to the present; studies of religious experience in India, with a primary focus on the history and phenomenology of deity and spirit possession; the writings of Vallabhācārya, the founder of the sect of Krishna devotion called Puṣṭi Mārga (Path of Grace) in the early 16th century, and his successors; and India’s great epic, the Mahābhārata. He is currently completing a book-length translation of part of the Mahābhārata; is under contract to write a general book on the Vedas (with George Thompson). He teaches all levels of Sanskrit, Indian (and other South Asian) religion, comparative religion, and ritual studies. He has lived and studied in India for 17 years and has traveled widely in Tibet and China. E-mail:
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