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Edilberto C. de Jesus

Estes-Sirgy About the Authors de JesusEdilberto C. de Jesus holds a BA, Honors Course in the Humanities, from Ateneo de Manila University, and MPhil and PhD degrees in History, Yale University. He was president of Far Eastern University (1995–2002); University of the Cordilleras (2008–2009); and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) (2009–2012), which he first joined in 1972 and where he is now Professor Emeritus. Initially seconded by AIM in 1987 to President Corazon Aquino’s administration, he served as Deputy Peace Commissioner (1987–92) and in her Cabinet as Presidential Adviser on Rural Development (1988–1992). He rejoined AIM as Associate Dean for Research and established its Policy Center (1992–95). He was president of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities until appointed Secretary of Education (2002–2004). He served as president of the Council of Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (2003) and as its Secretariat Director (Bangkok) (2005–2007). He is on the Advisory Committee of the Philippine Business for Education and the Asia-Europe Education Hub. He writes on public policy and political developments in the Philippines and the ASEAN region. E-mail:
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