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Audrey Nathelie Selian

Estes-Sirgy About the Authors SelianAudrey Nathalie Selian holds a PhD in Technology Policy and Development Studies from The Fletcher School; degrees from The London School of Economics and Wellesley College. In 2003–2004, she was a doctoral fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She has been active in the impact investing sector since 2006 and works for an investment advisory called Rianta Capital Zurich, with an advisory role at Halloran Philanthropies. Her concentration in these roles has been on the development of an impact investment portfolio (through an initiative called “Artha”) focused on high-impact social enterprises at the “base of the pyramid” in India. Since 2000, Audrey has worked as a consultant/subcontractor for both the International Telecommunication Union at the United Nations and USAID, in areas ranging from e-government research and analysis, to trends in telecoms, national/local innovation systems, ICTs and human rights, to the evolution of 3G mobile standards. Audrey has a background in management consulting from PricewaterhouseCoopers. Her entrepreneurial experience includes several years spent in business development at an NSF-funded startup called Wireless Grids, as well as the launch of a tech startup called Artha Networks Inc., focused on the creation of network architecture designed for shared due diligence and transaction cost management between investors. She currently serves as a trustee for several nonprofit organizations. E-mail:
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